Environmental Policy

Aber Heating Engineers Ltd serves customers throughout the UK for the installation and servicing of mechanical systems.  We have the capability to install all types of heating equipment and have a dedicated service team to look after the maintenance of boilers and heating systems from domestic to medium size industrial plant.

The main impacts from our business are waste production, fuel use and energy to run the offices.  The following measures are part of the environmental management scheme adopted by Aber Heating Engineers Ltd.

We ensure that we are legally compliant with environmental and other relevant legislation

We will advise customers on the most efficient appliances to reduce emissions and to reduce fuel bills for the customer.

  • We will monitor our environmental performance and make improvements where possible.
  • We will consider environmental issues such as waste production and energy efficiency during the normal course of our business.
  • We will plan our journeys to reduce fuel use and share transport wherever possible.
  • We will assess the environmental performance of new vehicles and office equipment before purchasing.
  • Wherever possible we will ensure that waste production is minimised and when waste is produced that it will be recycled or treated in a way that avoids landfill.

We encourage feedback on our environmental performance from interested parties

We will communicate this policy to any employees and persons working on our behalf and make it publicly available.

This policy will be reviewed no less often than annually and updated as necessary.



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